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The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP) is a proprietary state assessment that institutions may choose to use for supporting data to meet CAEP and state standards.  

A Kansas state assessment was first developed in the early 2000s, with criteria based on the KS professional education standards, which mirrored the InTASC standards.  The instrument was originally titled the Kansas Performance Assessment (KPA), and was designed as a required teacher work sample during the 1st or 2nd year of beginning practice for movement to the professional level license.  The instrument was developed with Educational Testing Service (ETS) experts to ensure a valid and reliable instrument.  ETS guided the work of stakeholders, including representation from P-12, higher education program providers, and Kansas NEA in developing the instrument.  ETS was also involved in development of the scoring process, in providing scorer training including anti-bias and detection of plagiarism, and in scorer recalibration during multiple scoring sessions during piloting of the KPA.  Data collected during piloting of the instrument provided the basis for ETS guidance in setting a cut score.    
In 2008, the instrument was redesigned for use as a candidate performance assessment utilized during the preservice program and referred to as the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP). ETS once again provided the expertise in redesign of the assessment instrument, coordinating the work of stakeholders in the design process.  ETS staff again returned to conduct scorer training and recalibration during multiple scoring sessions following the piloting and implementation of the redesigned assessment and in collecting/analyzing data for a recommended cut score.

KSDE staff were trained by ETS to take over the training and recalibration of scorers. 


Program Templates

The program report template was revised and adopted by the Policies and Procedures Committee on May 27, 2015.

The licensure program standards for all content areas are being revised during 2015 through 2018.  These will be posted as each set is adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education.  The higher education institutions have agreed to a 3-year adoption window for each set of revised standards.  Please contact Catherine Chmidling (785-291-3573; cchmidling@ksde.org) with any questions on the program template or licensure standards revisions.

Program reviewers use reviewing guidelines approved by the Policies and Procedures Committee, and prepare for each review using a worksheet

NOTE: For each Assessment, programs should report the most recent three cycles of collected data.

This clarification was approved by the Policies & Procedures committee in Fall 2016.


Team Interim Director
Susan Helbert

Education Program Consultant
Catherine Chmidling

Questions about this page contact:
Catherine Chmidling






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