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Selecting Student Performance Methods

Types of Student Performance Methods

State Assessments: State Assessments used for the purpose of showing patterns of likely teacher effectiveness, over time, are those assessments developed by CETE for KSDE.  These are not required for use in educator evaluations.

Commercial Assessments: Assessment instruments purchased from a vendor and designed to show student growth over time. These assessments have pre-determined student targets of achievement.

Locally Created Assessments: Assessments created by district, regional or national collaborative teams for the purpose of identifying student growth over time. These assessments will be considered valid and reliable based on an acceptable technical quality as determined by KSDE.

Others:  Indicators of student performance consistent with State Board of Education outcomes may be appropriate for use in educator evaluations. The State Board of Education outcomes are kindergarten readiness, increasing graduation rates, individual plans of study, increasing the percent of students completing a credential or pursuing post-secondary education, local measures of social-emotional factors relative student success, and civic engagement.

Selecting Student Performance Methods

Student Performance Methods (Lists of currently used Student Performance Methods in Kansas)

KSDE guidance for selecting and/or creating assessments are:

  1. Local assessments should be created in consultation with a school administrator with expertise in assessments, special education, ELL specialist and content expert, as appropriate.
  2. Assessments cover appropriate key subject/grade level content standards.
  3. Number of test items should correlate to distribution of % of time spent teaching the content.
  4. Assessments should require higher order thinking, as appropriate.
  5. Assessments should allow high and low achieving students to demonstrate their knowledge.
  6. Assessments should measure accurately what it is designed to measure and produce similar results for students with similar levels of ability.



KSDE Student Performance Submission

Administrators may submit building or district Student Performance Methods online.

The KSDE will disseminate submitted methods of student performance for collaborative use in Kansas districts.  Districts are not required to submit selected Student Performance Methods to KSDE for approval.  Defining Student Performance and selecting Student Performance Methods is a local decision.

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