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Interrater Agreement

Inter-rater Agreement is the degree to which two raters using the same scale give the same rating in identical situations.
  • Reliable raters agree with the "official" rating of an evaluation example.
  • Reliable raters agree with each other about the exact ratings to be awarded.
  • Reliable raters agree about which evaluation example is better and which is worse.
Inter-rater Agreement are essential to:
  • Bridge the credibility gap.
  • Train raters.
  • Monitor system performance.
  • Link professional development to evaluation results.
Within the evaluation process, Inter-rater Agreement are used during:
  • Teacher and Building Leader observations.
  • Teacher and Building Leader artifact reviews.
  • Teacher and Building Leader summary ratings #1 and #2.
  • Teacher and Building Leader final summative evaluation ratings.
 Inter-rater Agreement trainings at the district level need to include:
  • Team discussions and agreements about Inter-rater Reliability and Inter-rater Agreement.
  • Team review of data collection and analysis.
  • Training design at preservice and inservice levels.
  • Regular training check-ups.
  • Coaching and observation.
  • Monitoring ratings.


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