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Categorical Aid Reimbursement

The purpose of state special education funding is to supplement Federal allocations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which currently funds approximately 19% of the total cost of providing special education and related services to eligible students.  The Kansas Legislature has attempted to add to this limited Federal funding by allocating state funds in terms of a percentage of "excess costs", defined as the amount over and above the average cost of educating a student who is not receiving special education services.  In most recent years, reimbursement to LEAs has been approximately 92% of excess costs.  In addition to Federal Aid and State Categorical Aid, LEA's transfer the additional amount needed to cover the cost of special education from the LEA general fund.

The 92% figure includes reimbursement of medical-related services provided to Medicaid-eligible students received in the previous year.  No margin of error exists for students whose parents do not grant consent for the school to release personally identifiable information in order to bill Medicaid, for billing errors, or for claims denied that were valid.

FY2018 Special Education Reimbursement Guide (PDF)
FY2017 Special Education Reimbursement Guide (PDF)
FY2016 Special Education Reimbursement Guide (PDF)
Payment Information (School Finance)

Categorical Aid Personnel System (CAPS)

The guidelines for Categorical Aid are always found in the Reimbursement Guide, at the top of this page. You need something other than District Read Only to enter data or create ID numbers for non-KSDE licensed staff. The district special education director or superintendent will approve access.

CAPS is open as a pilot for the 17-18 school year, pilot districts have been notified.


User Guide (PDF)
Differences between Personnel Web and CAPS (PDF)
Authenticated Applications - to access this and many other KSDE programs

File Specs:

Staff ID File Upload Specifications (PDF)
Staff ID Blank upload .csv file (can open in spreadsheet, contains header row) (.csv)
Excel file to pull Staff ID numbers out of batch upload results (.xlsx)
Records created in CAPS can be modified by CAPS users, if a record was created by or has been modified by Teacher Licensure, the following form must be submitted to update names: Form to update KSDE licensure name or address (PDF)
Positions File Upload Specifications (PDF)
Positions Blank upload .csv file (can open in spreadsheet, contains header row) (.csv)
Excel file to pull Positions numbers out of batch upload results (.xlsx)


Educational Interpreter Prof Dev Plan (Word) / (PDF) Send (scan/email) to Evelyn when complete
Hand Approval Request (fillable PDF) Email to Evelyn when complete

Misc Information:

KSDE Endorsements/Categorical Aid Chart (PDF)
Which Kansas License works in which Early Childhood Education Setting for Categorical Aid? (PDF)
Interpreters and Categorical Aid FAQ (PDF)
Waivers and Provisionals Tip Sheet (PDF)
Waiver Information page (Teacher Education/Licensure)

License Lookup/Information: (please let me know if any links are broken)

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (Social Workers/Behavior Analysts) (external link)
Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KBHA) (OT, PT) (external link)
Kansas Health Occupations Credentialing - KDADS (Speech Language Pathologist, Registered Dietician, Audiologist) (external link)
Kansas Board of Nursing (NU) (external link)
KSDE License Lookup

CAPS listserv

Information about CAPS, dates, alerts, reminders. General categorical aid information as well.
To sign up, send this information:
  Send to this address: ealden@ksde.org
  Subject line: CAPS Listserv
  Body of message: Email address, First Name, Last Name, LEA Number


Behavior Analyst Certification Board (Behavior Analyst national certification) (external link)
Art Therapy Credentials Board (Art Therapist national certification) (external link)
Certification Board for Music Therapists (Music Therapist national certification) (external link)
Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals (Orientation/Mobility national certification) (external link)
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (Interpreters national certification) (external link)
Missouri Division of Professional Registration (Missouri Licensure, Sign Language Interpreters only, level Advanced or Master only) (external link)

For assistance or questions, please contact Evelyn Alden ealden@ksde.org, 785-296-3868

Catastrophic Aid

Non-Public Equivalency Contracts-Special Teacher Reimbursement

Contract FY (Word) (PDF)
Contract Revision FY (Word) (PDF)
Formula Memo FY 2017 (PDF)

Personnel Web-Special Teacher Reimbursement

The guidelines for Categorical Aid are always found in the Reimbursement Guide, at the top of this page. These are forms and helpful guides and information for the program.

Form-Educational Interpreter Prof Dev Plan (Word) / (PDF) Send (scan/email) to Evelyn when complete
Form-Hand Approval Request (Word) Send to Evelyn when complete

Guide-Begin Year Setup (PDF)
Guide-Personnel Web User Guide (PDF)

Info-KSDE Endorsements/Categorical Aid Chart (PDF)
Info-Interpreters and Categorical Aid FAQ (PDF)
Info-Waivers and Provisionals Tip Sheet (PDF)
Info-Which Kansas License works in which Early Childhood Education Setting for Categorical Aid? (PDF)
Info-Webinar 8-6-2015 (PDF)

License Lookup-BSRB (SW) (external link)
License Lookup-KBHE (OT, PT) (external link)
License Lookup-KDADS (SL, RD, AU) (external link)
License Lookup-KSBN (NU) (external link)
License Lookup-KSDE
Link-Authenticated Applications
Link-Waiver Information page(Teacher Education/Licensure)

Vacancy Reports

To address the Special Education personnel shortage, the exact number and type of unfilled budgeted positions in the State is reported by districts.  This information is used in reports required by the Federal Government, planning by the legislature, universities and colleges, the State Board of Education, and local education agencies.

Personnel Vacancy Report by LEA (PDF)
Personnel Vacancy Report by Area (PDF)
Kansas Education Employment Board

Questions on Specific Topics:
Catastrophic Aid or Non-Public Equivalency Contracts

Mason Vosburgh

Special Teacher Reimbursement and CAPS
Evelyn Alden

Transportation Reimbursement
Sara Barnes

ECSETS Team Pages

Main Team Page
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Title Services
Reports and Collections
Fact Sheets
Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS)
Kansas Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) (external link)
Kansas’ Technical Assistance System Network (TASN) (external link)

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