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2015 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

Keynote Lessons Learned from 2015 Cases Elena Gallegos (PDF)
A1 Making the Transition: Preparing for Life After Special Education Jim Walsh (PDF)
A2 IDEA Discipline: Trends in Manifestation Determination Cases and Short-Term Removal Rules Jose Martin (PDF)
A3 Least Restrictive Environments in Early Childhood: The Law, Data and Program Improvement Debbie Cate and Kathy Whaley (PDF) A4 IDEA Student and the ADA’s Effective Communication Regulations David Richards (PDF)
A5 Making the IEP Process Work for Schools David Hodgins (PowerPoint PDF) (Handout PDF)
B1 Navigating Access to the General Curriculum (PowerPoint PDF) (Handout PDF)
B2 Settling Special Education Cases: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating Effective Written Agreements Jose Martin (PDF)
B4 Fixing the Special Education Mistake: Lessons for Educators from Medical Malpractice Studies David Richards (PDF)
B5 LRE and Placement under the IDEA David Hodgins (PDF)
C1 Parent Roles, Rights and Responsibilities under the IDEA Elena Gallegos (PowerPoint PDF) (Handout PDF)
C2 New Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) in Online Programs Jim Walsh (PDF)
C3 Young Adults, Transition, and What Works Lindsay Jones (PDF)
C4 Advanced 504 Issues: Revocation of IDEA Consent, Accelerated Classes and Hostility to Accommodations David Richards (PDF)
C5 Special Education Legal Decisions Involving Behavior: Lessons Learned David Hodgins (PDF)
Keynote The Year in Review Jim Walsh (PDF)
D1 Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Part 1) (Part2) Thomas Mayes (PDF)
D2 Keeping it Legal in the Modern Family: Who Gets to Consent Kelly Shook (PDF)
D3 FBAs and BIPs (Law v Lore) Perry Zirkel (PDF)
D4 Early Childhood Settings: Planning for Effective Preschool Inclusion Debbie Cate and Kathy Whaley D5 Eligibility Determination Art Cernosia (PDF)
E1 Transfer Students with Disabilities Elena Gallegos (PDF)
E2 Can You Count the OCR Advisory Letters since 2010? What Do They Mean for Us? Kelly Shook (PDF)
E3 Section 504 Student Issues (Law v Lore) Perry Zirkel (PDF) E4 Ten Tools in Addressing the Most Challenging Discipline Situations Jim Walsh (PowerPoint PDF) (Handout PDF)
E5 Bullying and Harassment: Legal Issues for Students with Disabilities Art Cernosia (PDF)

2014 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

Keynote - The Year In Review: Top Special Education Decisions of 2013-2014 Jim Walsh (PDF)
A1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities: The Key Rules and Regulations Dave Hodgins (PDF)
A2 Bullying and Other Hot Button Issues Jim Gerl (PDF)
A3 Least Restrictive Environment: Placement, Service, and Curricular Issues Art Cernosia (PDF)
A4 Communicating Effectively with Parents Jim Walsh (PDF)
A5 Related Services: Their Scope and Relationship to Special Education Services under the IDEA Kathy Mehfoud (PDF)
B1 Special Education Evaluations: Legal Issues to Know and Understand Dave Hodgins (PDF)
B2 Strategies and Legal Issues with Implementing IEPs in Compliance with IDEA Jose Martin (PDF)
B3 Current Challenges in Special Education Dave Richards (PDF)
B4 Making the Transition: Bridging the Gap between Graduation and Adult Services Jeanne Kincaid (PDF)
C1 FAPE: How Do the Courts Define It? How Do School Districts Provide It? How Do Parents Know It When They See It? Chris Borreca (PDF)
C2 The Intersection of Student Health Plans and Modern Section 504 Requirements Jose Martin (PDF)
C3 Section 504: From Nondiscrimination to FAPE Dave Richards (PDF)
C4 Access to Information: New Barriers to Navigate Jeanne Kincaid (PDF)
Keynote - The Year in Review (Part 2) Julie Weatherly (PDF)
D1 Understanding and Differentiating between Bullying and Harassment Diana Browning Wright (PDF) D2 The Modern Meaning of Child Find under the IDEA Perry Zirkel (PDF)
D3 Restraint and Seclusion: Where Are We Now? Julie Weatherly (PDF)
E1 Interventions and Documentation for Bullying and Harassment Diana Browning Wright (PDF)
E2 Key Issues in Special Education Law: Present and Future Perry Zirkel (PDF)
E3 Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Part 1) Thomas Mayes (PDF)
E3 (cont.) Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Part 2) Thomas Mayes (PDF)

Special Education Legal Questions:

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