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Organizations that Support the Gifted

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
Resources to increase your knowledge about giftedness and the social and emotional issues surrounding it.

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
Resources for parents of gifted children, including articles and research, books, organizations, on-line support groups, academic programs, and more.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) - Gifted and Talented
CEC is an international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities; students with disabilities, and the gifted.

Talented and Gifted (TAG)
TAG is a division of the CEC that promotes scholarly research, advocacy, and professional development.

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
NAGC is a non-profit organization of parents, teachers, educators, other professionals and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.

Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented and Creative (KGTC)
KGTC is a Kansas-based, non-profit organization of parents, educators, and others interested in promoting suitable education, including creative stimulation, for gifted and talented children, while also seeking public recognition and aid for the special needs of these children.

For more information contact:
Dr. Diana Stanfill
Education Program Consultant
Gifted Services
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