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Financial Literacy in Kansas

Kansas State Department of Education has developed this webpage to offer support to local school districts concerning personal financial literacy instruction for K-12 schools.

Personal Financial Literacy

Personal Finance Refers to the principles and methods that individuals use to acquire and manage income and assets, but personal financial literacy means individuals know how these skills apply to their lives now and in the future with habit change the key. Some use the term financial literacy, which means the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security, which is more inclusive of all financial aspects, not just personal finance. (source: www.jumpstart.org)

KSDE has partnered with several non-profits to offer teacher training and guidance including: Kansas Council for Economic Education (http://www.kcee.wichita.edu); Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (www.ks.fbr.org); and the Kansas Jump $tart Coalition (http://www.jumpstart.org/states-kansas.html).

Financial Literacy Standards

The Jump $tart National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education were developed through the involvement of professionals across multiple financial literacy platforms. After review by KSDE, it was deemed appropriate for Kansas and were adopted as the Kansas financial literacy K-12 standards. (For more information:  http://www.jumpstart.org/)

Q:    What are the overall standard areas?
A:    1. Spending and Saving
        2. Credit and Debt
        3. Employment and Income
        4. Investing
        5. Risk Management and Insurance
        6. Financial Decision Making

Q:    What is meant by K-12 standards?
A:    The National Jump $tart standards  are used as a guide for instruction. They are indicated for  Kindergarten, 4th, 8th  and 12 grades, however should be referenced to determine all K-12 financial literacy instruction to determine grade appropriateness.

Recognition of Standards

The following describes how KSDE recognizes the standards for personal financial literacy:

  • Business - includes finance competencies in course competencies as they related to business, finance and entrepreneurship;
  • Family and Consumer Sciences - teaching personal financial literacy skills directly. The consumer and personal finance course competencies address financial issues and consumer rights and responsibilities as it relates to individual and family decision making and lifespan goal setting;
  • Mathematics - provides prerequisite number sense and computation skills students need to study financial literacy; and
  • Social Studies - provides a context for the importance of financial literacy and economics; though not aimed at personal financial literacy in particular, it provides for the development of parallel concepts.

Q:    Where can I go for teaching resources, websites and related classroom support?
A:    A Financial Literacy Resource has been developed to share criterion for evaluating a quality resource and also to  provide resources for  the K-12 classroom. 

Q:    Who can I go to if I want more information?
A:    Gayla Randel, Family and Consumer Sciences:   grandel@ksde.org (785) 296-4912
        Don Gifford, History/Government/Social Studies: dgifford@ksde.org (785) 296-3892

Family and Consumer Sciences 

Gayla Randel
(785) 296-4912

History, Government, and Social Studies
Program Consultant

Don Gifford
(785) 296-3892

Deputy Commissioner
Division of Learning Services
Brad Neuenswander
(785) 296-2303

Career, Standards and Assessment

Scott Smith
(785) 296-3142

Assistant Director
Career and Technical Education

Stacy Smith
(785) 296-0979

Assistant Director

Branden Johnson
(785) 296-2078

Assistant Director
Beth Fultz
(785) 296-2325

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